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Are you ready to build a thriving social media presence on your own terms?

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Are you ready to build a thriving social media presence on your own terms?

You need a social media strategy that skyrockets your engagement and leaves other brands wondering what your secret is.

You’re always ahead of the trends in your industry, but tired of feeling left behind by social media. We get it. You know you’re working hard and putting in the hours, but you’re just not building the audience you need, and seeing the results of your efforts. So, what gives? Excuse us, while we roll out the red carpet… Whether you’re an established lifestyle brand or just starting your business, GG & CO. can help you capture your true brand essence in a way that resonates with your ideal audience. We’re passionate about working with brands that help women feel their best, and we understand your deepest struggles when it comes to showing up on social media. With us, you’ll build a world-class strategy that takes your brand to the very top.


For the glow-up

Here’s the thing: there’s always an opportunity to enhance the way your brand shows up on social media. Even if you have an amazing product and stunning photos, you might still feel like you’re missing a certain…je ne sais quoi. We tap into our team’s collective global experience to create an intentional and personalized social media strategy that helps you reach untapped audiences and global markets. If you’re ready to turn those hashtags into dollar signs, our guidance will help you bring your vision to life and prepare you to succeed on your own.


For The Glow-Getter:

Is your dream to become a top-tier social media manager that ONLY works with the most inspiring brands and clients? Glow Getter Academy is everything you need to start and scale your business. It’s designed for creatives who, just like you, are ready to make a drastic change in their lives and take their social media management business to the next level. Whatever stage you’re at in transforming your passion into a successful career, we’ll help you embrace your inner-glow and stay with you every step of the way.

How to become a social media manager

Whether you’ve just launched your social media management business or you’re well on your way – it’s time for a serious glow-up.

Like. Comment. Share is your go-to podcast if you want to learn how to build and scale a multi-six-figure social media management agency or freelancing business. 

Host Gabriella Galante, founder of GG & CO Creative, a social media management agency based out of Toronto, brings you all her business-building tools, marketing strategies, and juicy tips, secrets, and stories that have allowed her to travel across the globe working with multi-7 figure female entrepreneurs.

Let’s build out your legacy. You ready to glow?