Let’s give your digital marketing presence the makeover it deserves.

Whether you’re an established lifestyle brand or just starting your business, GG & CO. can help you capture your true brand essence in a way that resonates with your ideal audience. We know you’re working hard towards your dreams of living the lux life, but you’re just not building the audience you need and seeing the results of your efforts.

That’s where we come in.

GG & CO. is a full-service social media agency serving the fastest-growing women’s health and beauty brands in the world.

We’re passionate about working with companies that are on a mission to help women feel their best, and we understand your deepest struggles when it comes to showing up on social media.

GG & CO. meets you exactly where you are to help you tell your story.

GG and Co

Meet the Founder

Hi, I’m Gabriella Galante – aka GG. Think of me as your leopard print-loving, health and beauty obsessed, social media creatrix. After eight years in the digital marketing space, I left my drab job in the corporate

world to launch GG & CO. Now, I get to support likeminded women in launching and scaling their businesses

in the wellness beauty space. My past life as a fashion and travel blogger has influenced my approach to building a diverse portfolio of international work with clients that will inspire and awe you.

I am driven by a belief that every female entrepreneur is capable of achieving her wildest dreams, and I’m committed to empowering you to become the business owner you aspire to be. I’m here to support you and hold you accountable to achieving your goals.

I’m also the founder of Glow Getter Academy, a sought-after boutique academy for the next wave of top social media managers who long to create a successful business from scratch and live life on their own terms.