Tips To Own It On Video

Plain and simple, everyone loves videos and they result in far more engagement than static posts. But, capturing your audience through video does not have to be difficult, scary or time-consuming!


Here are FIVE TIPS to OWN it on video:

Showcase your behind the scenes day.
Everyone loves seeing what you are working on, what you’re eating or what your latest Winners fab find is! It’s human nature. Plus this raw, real footage is less time consuming to put out there as you can do it on the go. Share it! I know it may seem difficult, but turning the camera around will allow your audience a sneak peek into who you are!

Give quality content through weekly tips.
Make it a point to find a day that works and showcase weekly tips on your subject of expertise. This will create a sense of like and trust with your audience as they know they can constantly tune in to your new series.
BONUS TIP** batch shoot this!
If I’m feeling like I’m in the video mode, I will shoot a few tips on the same day (yes, I switch out my shirt to keep it interesting). I then save the videos and post them as I see fit. Ultimate efficiency!

Ask for feedback.
Sometimes we need to be told what to do. If you want your audience to engage with you finish off the video asking for action! You can’t say that no one is engaging with you if you are not even asking for it. The viewer will so quickly be on to the next without making it a point to stop and comment.
BONUS TIP** If you’re doing an IG Live, make it a point to say “now double-tap the heart if you hear what I’m saying”, or if you are posting to stories, add in a comment box or voting option.

Keep it moving.
Attention spans are limited. Keep the camera moving even if you are shooting a static scene. You are in control of the camera! Get closer, move farther away. Really work it! Break up the scenes with different motions, and cut out the boring parts/transitional moments. There are so many great apps for video, try out InShot and VideoShop to speed up, flawlessly transition and add music!

Keep it short and sweet.
We’ve come back to the attention span point. The viewer needs to know exactly what they are going to get out of the video before they even watch it. You can give them insight into length by using numbers, i.e.” my 3 tips for creating killer content are…”, or providing the conclusion at the beginning “want to know how I got 500 viewers of my first post? listen up…”.

**did you notice at the beginning of this post, I said the FIVE tips? That way you know exactly what you can get out of the post!


If your feeling shy about turning the camera around on yourself, take it slow! At least caption all your videos of your products so the viewers can still get an idea of what you’re saying. This is a must-do for any videos! Most people watch with the sound OFF. Make sure they don’t skip over by providing quality captions on the vid.