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“If you have the urge to join Glow Getter Academy, act on it! 

I wouldn’t be running a successful, remote, bad-ass company without the guidance of Gabby.”

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Transform From


You’re all set to be your own boss, have your own working hours, and hold an a+, unique af social media presence that positions you awaaaaaay from hundreds of social media mangers mushrooming out there.


No systems. No workflows. No clients. No anything to get your foot in the door. You’re tired of this phase and can’t wait for 5K (minimum) months while working with clients filed under “Dream Brands I’ll Work With Soon.” 


I mean the real Eiffel Tower photobombing your next meeting. No more Zoom background to cover a 9-5 office chair because Mademoiselle, you deserve to work and travel anytime, anywhere.


Stuttering and heart pumping who? You know you can ace every sales call confidently – one where a yes from your ideal client is no longer an option, but a no-brainer decision. 


The same surface-level social media courses no longer excite you. You want a one-stop, comprehensive program that unpacks how to attract premium clients, manage multiple accounts, hire a team, and build the agency of your dreams from scratch to the stage of scaling. 



Get ready! We’re teaching you the same strategies we use to land clients like L’Oreal, Aveda & Mary Kay!


30+ intentionally designed, power-loaded lessons focused on elevating your positioning, pricing, content strategies, processes, and client experience down to handling the most uncomfortable situations you can ever encounter. After all, more than just a social media manager, you are a CEO who’s in it for the long haul.


Be surrounded by ingenious glow-getters ready to extend their support, share what’s in NOW, and become your new online besties in an invite-only Facebook community. Oh – did I mention that you also get bonuses such as client referrals and partnerships!


Why get anxious and nauseous when hopping on calls, constantly fearing “I’ll get back to you”s when you can be furious and fabulous, nonchalantly making clients scream “I NEED access to you!” GGA teaches you that exact transformation through a mock sales call with leading sales expert, Melanie Aubert (P.S. this one’s worth $1400!).


Kiss your eyebags buh-bye because all the brand board template, sales call script, IG story script, and checklists from proposal to offboarding? We’ve already done it for you. Now all that’s left for you is to plug, play, and watch your $$$ and impact overflow.

“I can say with confidence Glow Getter Academy is the best investment I’ve made for myself and my business. Content-rich, full of practiaal action steps you can take today to start immediately up-leveling your business!”



Glow Getter Academy


Foundations + Purpose + Passion

It’s no longer enough to be a mere social media manager. We’re setting you up to be the crème de la crème of SMMs, and unearthing your secret sauce is the best first step. Our goal is not to give you a proven framework that doesn’t work for you. Our goal is to help YOU master your own proven framework.


Building Your Brand Online

The gorgeous sister of business foundations, we’re nailing your brand persona aka your unique vibe that will make your clients fall in love at first, second, third, down to a hundredth sight.


Brand Content

We’re uncovering the most high-caliber content strategies to magnetize clients under your “Dream Brands I’ll Work With Soon” folder. Did we mention, you can easily apply the strategies to your clients’ businesses too.


Packages + Pricing

We’re ditching the scarcity mindset and letting the abundance flow. You are going to walk away unbothered AF, charging VVIP-level rates because you’re now bringing VVIP-level service to the table.


Attracting Dream Clients

Living the dream starts with landing the dream clients. Bid au revoir to clients who lowball and ghost because you’re learning real-world strategies to find the perfect fit (and premium) clients, hop on sales calls with A-okay composure, and seal the deal like a true glow-getter.



You simply cannot be the Gucci of SMMs without offering a top-end client experience. We are streamlining the end-to-end processes your social media business deserves so your clients can get the social media experience they deserve.


Getting ready for the next big thing

From solopreneurship to hiring your first team member… From getting through your first client breakup to facing the most uncomfortable truths in your business… we got your flawless back for better or for worse.

“One year ago, I was undercharging and feeling lost in my business. I felt the need to step outside my comfort zone and Gabriella helped me do so! Increasing my rates was not easy for me, but with Gabriella’s guidance, I went from charging $500 a month to $3500 a month for full social media management.”


Are you ready to let your
SMM business glow?

One payment of


Glow Getter Academy

Glow Getter Academy

GGA Exclusive Bonuses

Three payments of


Glow Getter Academy

Glow Getter Academy

GGA Exclusive Bonuses

Meet Your Mentor

Hi, I'm Gabriella

Before the trophies, the trust, and the titles, I was in a tragic era I prefer not to have a déjà vu of.

Truth is, you could have found me 5 years ago working in the corporate digital marketing scene depressed, watching the clock tick, always filing mental health leaves, even sneakily applying to 1000 LinkedIn jobs and never getting a callback.

…until a client reached out who made me quickly put together a package one day and made me a social media manager for her little girl’s boutique the next day—that was it, the turning point of it all.

A realization that I was meant for entrepreneurship, after all.

So I quit my corporate job the same year I got married. The same year I launched GG & CO. The same year I never looked back.

Entering this new world wasn’t all glam though. Instead, it was a whirlwind of

  • finding comprehensive social media resources
  • (unfortunately) enrolling in surface-level SMM courses
  • testing and mapping out strategies to effortlessly hop on sales calls, charge premium, or lock in VIP clients
  • figuring it all out on my own
  • and finally, owning my social media CEO throne

Hiring a team and working with first-class clients later (All By Myself no more!!  *winks*), I realized the growing need for a one-stop SMM course that answers it all… one that handholds you from starting to scaling your SMM business.

So I backtracked all my action steps from day one and whisk it all up in a course and resource bundle en masse—Glow Getter Academy. 

9-5 dropout turned CEO

of a world-class social media agency, GG & Co.

Hermes Creative Awards Winner

Social Media Coach

International Speaker and Podcaster

Because as once a social media manager with nowhere to turn to,

I believe you deserve MORE.

And by MORE, I mean…

  • Finding comprehensive social media resources ALL in one place
  • Enrolling in a one-stop, no-fluff SMM course
  • Applying tested, proven, and loved strategies so you can effortlessly hop on sales calls, charge premium, and lock in VVIP clients
  • Not ever feeling sorry for living the Gucci lifestyle, like never
  • Your world-class agency operating the way it should 
  • …all while you’re getting your passport tattooed 
  • Most importantly, never figuring it all out on my own
  • …because finally, you’re owning your social media CEO throne

It’s time to let your SMM business glow.

Ready for the glow up but still got questions?

We’re not called glow getters for nothing! 

Let’s GET your midnight thoughts answered: GGA edition!

Who is GGA really for?

Good question! Glow Getter Academy is a one-stop, sale-paced course for early- staged entrepreneurs who want to start their business, stand out from a sea of SMMs, seal perfect fit clients, and succeed in the world of social media management.


Whenever you’re ready, I’ll see you here!

How is GGA different from other SMM courses out there?

Well, my love, I’m the CEO of a social media management agency–today! This means I’m  “doing the thing” with you! All the tools, tactics, and strategies straight from a multi-six-figure, award-winning agency which I am also using for my clients’ businesses. Bonus – I constantly add to GGA. 

I’m so proud to have worked with HUGE brands all over the globe such as L’Oreal, Aveda, Mary Kay… (seriously–my clients have flown me out to meet them) and I can’t wait to help you achieve the same! Get inside GGA now.

When does this program start/end?

This is a self-paced course which means you can watch the lessons anytime, anywhere. I do recommend allotting an hour or two daily. Most glow getters can get through all the modules from 2 weeks to 3 months (depending on where you are in business).

P.S. We’re more than ready to welcome you home. Join us here.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

We do not offer any refunds. Signing one premium client based on what you learned from GGA is already getting a return on investment. Remember: unless you put these lessons to work, nothing will change!

Can I sign up for GGA only/AI only?

Yes! We have 3 options for you: GGA + AI Bundle, GGA only, and AI only.

Choose your glow up here.

What’s the difference between Le Deux (GGA + AI) and the other options?

Le Deux includes BOTH the Glow Getter Academy and the Agency Illuminator, a power combo for the SMM who wants to start her SMM business from scratch and scale it to agency status fast.

Choosing Le Deux IS in itself a commitment to go BIG.

  • Because you’re choosing to have high-converting proposals, IG story scripts, sales call scripts on hand, you’re choosing to magnetize your dream clients over tirelessly cold DMing or commenting on their posts in hopes that you’ll get noticed.
  • Because you have proper SOPs and hiring guides, you’re choosing to ditch bringing on people that aren’t a good fit, or worse, realizing it a little too late.
  • Because your teams, systems, and templates are all streamlined and in place, you’re choosing a lifestyle that screams notifications off, vacation in Paris mode on.

This is the glow that awaits when you choose Le Deux, and I’m nothing but proud of you for your commitment to go BIG. Get your Le Deux glow here.

Can I join next time?

Why not now? Investing can be scary (I know). But unless you give your permission to go after what you truly want (aka CEO status, 10/10 clients, Tour Eiffel view all day), everything will remain the same. Let’s get your SMM business the glow it deserves now!

Your glow-getter, social media CEO self is waiting.
Are you ready to let her take over?

Don’t see your question in the FAQ’s?

I love connecting with you and answering your burning questions about Glow Getter Academy and my latest venture, Agency Illuminator. DM me on Instagram @ggandcocreative to get in touch and I’ll do my best to answer any Q’s within 48 business hours!