How To Know If You’re Ready to Hire a Social Media Manager

Getting serious about hiring a pr or social media manager for your business?

Yay! You’re about the experience the ultimate glow-up. But before you even make the call, let’s see if you pass the test!

Is your business ready to work with a social media marketing or public relations team?

You may think that’s an easy yes, but more and more I see brands expecting social media professionals to create branding, develop their brand personal, uncover their values, decipher their target markets and develop launch strategy. Don’t get me wrong, our team can do all that but that is a very different project and usually requires a one time fee to get that all in order before social management begins.

The social media professional lines are getting quite blurred, but it’s important to know your goals and direction first.

You need to know who your brand is, what you stand for, your unique positioning, and understand your target market. However, if you know you have all that down pat and you’re ready for step two, then this is for you!


Here’s your “am I ready for a social media manager” checklist:


1. Branding assets: logos, submarks, pngs, color codes, patterns. Essentially you’ll want to have your brand standards guide all set and ready to go. If you have worked with a branding or marketing agency this should be created for you.

2.Brand messaging/value statements, USP: ideally you have all this in a document along with your brand standards ready to send over to your new social media manager

3.Accounts/Logins: Instagram, FB, TikTok, Later (or your preferred scheduling app). Either send this over via a secure password share app or place in a Google Doc.

4.High-resolution photography: This is a non negotiable! As a brand it is essential that you have quality photography. Both product and service based businesses must invest in quality photoshoots at minimum quarterly. It’s important for your social media team to have refreshed seasonly imagery to keep social pages from going stale or overlooked.

5.Product/ Service Information: Again a one page or service page with quality information on the features and benefits will be very helpful when creating content.


At GG & CO we’re here to help with all of the above. If you’re ready to build a show stopping social media presence on your own terms and have a strategy they can’t get enough of, get in touch today.

Your glow-up awaits!